Morgans’ Appeal Hearing March 18, 2014!

2 10 samKeith and Shauna Morgan’s appeal hearings are scheduled for  Tuesday, March 18, at 3 pm at the Ocean County Superior Court, 120 Hooper Avenue, Toms River, NJ. Both will be heard by Judge James Blaney in Courtroom 17 and are open to the public. If you can attend the hearings please see the Facebook event for more information: Let’s continue to show our support for Sammy!


Pictures of Sammy

sammy buddy 2


Hi Friends,

Enjoying the calm before the storm. More snow on the way. I’m enjoying the sun and a chance to walk around the yard. To my supporters a request: I’ve been reading the comments posted about the Morgans. The anger at their neglect to care for me is understandable but name calling and bad wishes is not good. I’m cared for and deeply loved now. I’m very happy and safe. Let’s take the high road while also asking for accountability.

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sammy buddy


Sammy rests with his younger brother Buddy who keeps a watchful eye on everyone. Here Sammy and Buddy relax on a Sunday morning.

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Congratulations Sammy’s Facebook Page! 34,000+ Sammy Strong!

34Congratulations to Sammy’s Facebook page for reaching over 34,000 Sammy Strong Friends!

Please give a “LIKE” to the page if you haven’t done so already.

Thanks to Amy and Martin for keeping us updated on Sammy and his case, and to Sammy’s family for sharing pictures of Sammy with us.

You can also follow the case of Heaven, an abused pit bull puppy from Asbury Park NJ on Sammy’s Facebook page.

Appeal Update From Sammy’s Facebook Page

court updateNOTE: The following is a re-post from Sammy’s Facebook page concerning the appeal

Everyone is asking about the appeal and what it means. I (Amy) have asked several sources and here is what I’ve gleaned so far. The Morgans will be filing the appeal in the Superior Court in Toms River, NJ. They have 20 days to file. After that, the judge normally takes 30-45 days to rule on the case. It’s possible that the appeal could be rejected on the spot and the Morgans would be remanded to jail; however that scenario would be unlikely. Martin and I will be in close contact with officials so we can bring you the latest news, let you know if there are any more public hearings, and if there is a way to help this process along whether it be a petition, a letter writing campaign or anything that would help. We promise we WILL not give up on this and will not rest until they are in jail or until we’ve done everything humanly possible to promote rejecting the appeal of Judge LePore’s sentence.

This is a precedent-setting case and we’ve come farther than ever dreamed possible. We’re not going to let it drop now!!!!

Thank you, Amy and Martin!!!!

Video of the Sentencing of Sammy’s Abusers Keith and Shauna Morgan

Appreciate the link to this video from Camp Cocker Rescue

Thank You Judge LePore, Prosecutor Steven Zabarsky and Friends of Sammy!

Prosecutor Steven Zabarsky: "A picture is worth more than a 1,000 words & we ask for  Justice For Sammy"

Prosecutor Steven Zabarsky: “A picture is worth more than a 1,000 words & we ask for Justice For Sammy”

On Monday November 18th 2013, Judge LePore and Prosecutor Steven Zabarsky were truly voices for Sammy. Prosecutor Zabarsky presented a solid, impassioned case on behalf of Sammy. A video of Keith Morgan was shown of him explaining how he “found” Sammy in a black trash bag on the side of the road and how he couldn’t understand how “anyone could be that cruel.” (Watch video of news montage at end of this post.) It was later discovered he and his wife Shauna Morgan were the owners of Sammy. Prosecutor Zabarsky ended his argument by holding up a large poster of Sammy and stating: “A picture is worth more than a 1,000 words and we ask for Justice For Sammy.”

In so many animal cruelty cases , the abusers are not dealt with justly and receive just fines, community service and probation ( i.e. the case of Patrick ) but Judge LePore sent out a strong message addressing the seriousness of animal abuse when he said:

“This court believes that a message needs to be sent not just to these defendants, but to all of society that animal cruelty is a national and global problem and must be addressed and deterred.”

Other quotes from Judge LePore:

  • “Unless the defendants are sentenced to imprisonment for their depraved acts toward Sammy, they will not be deterred.”
  • “Any one capable of treating their pet the way you did is despicable.”
  • “Unless these individuals are imprisoned for their depraved, cruel and heinous conduct, such acts of animal cruelty will continue worldwide,” LePore said. “The lack of care provided to Sammy was inexcusable.”

** Watch the video of the sentencing of Keith and Shauna Morgan**

Judge LePore’s sentencing of the Morgans includes: a $1,000 fine, $13,500 in restitution to the Red Bank Veterinary Hospital who cared for Sammy, 30 days community service, they are prohibited from future ownership of an animal and six months in jail.

Photo Courtesy of Sammy's Facebook Page

Photo Courtesy of Sammy’s Facebook Page

Thank You Judge LePore, Prosecutor Zabarsky, , Monmouth County SPCA Chief Victor “Buddy” Amato, Detective William Hyer and Deputy Chief Larry Donato who investigated the case, Capt. Richard Yocum, president of the state SPCA, Martin Mondoker and Amy Tiernan Ulness, administrators of Sammy’s Facebook page, and ALL of Sammy’s wonderful caring friends who supported Sammy online and at the court house. You are ALL SAMMY’S VOICE!

Just some of Sammy's Army at the court house on Monday's sentencing of Keith and Shauna Morgan. Photo: D. De Santis

Just some of Sammy’s Army at the court house on Monday’s sentencing of Keith and Shauna Morgan. Photo: D. De Santis

Hopefully Judge LePore’s sentencing of these two individuals will set a precedent in other animal cruelty cases – Abuse An Animal – GO TO JAIL!

If you would like to send a Thank You note to Judge LePore and Prosecutor Zabarsky:

Honorable Robert M. LePore
Brick Municipal Court
401 Chambers Bridge Road
Brick NJ 08723

Brick Municipal Prosecutor Steven A. Zabarsky
Brick Municipal Court
401 Chambers Bridge Road
Brick NJ 08723

For more information on Monday’s sentencing and photos see this article: