New Court Date of March 18th Set in ‘Sammy the Dog’ Abusers’ Appeal

Photo: Monmouth County SPCA

Photo: Monmouth County SPCA

Couple appealing six month jail term
Posted by Daniel Nee (Editor) , March 04, 2014 at 05:39 PM

The Brick couple appealing their sentence after pleading guilty to abusing a cocker spaniel named Sammy has had their court date changed to March 18.

Keith and Shauna Morgan, both of Sawmill Road, were sentenced in November to six months in jail, plus $1,000 in fines and $13,500 in restitution to a veterinary clinic after admitting to animal cruelty charges.

The Morgans have since appealed Municipal Court Judge Robert Lepore’s sentence, which was rendered in November, and have remained free.

According to court officials, Judge James Blaney will hear the couple’s appeal in Ocean County Superior Court at 3 p.m.

The Morgans, before entering their guilty pleas, had been charged with neglecting and starving the older, white cocker spaniel to the point where the dog could not move due to its hair being so overgrown and matted.

The pair were charged after Keith Morgan brought Sammy to the Monmouth County SPCA in a bag, saying he found the dog on the side of the road in Wall Township. Eventually, investigators found out the dog belonged to the Morgans.

In handing down his sentence, Lepore said the couple should serve jail time due to their “depraved, cruel and heinous conduct.”

At sentencing, the attorney for the Morgans, Marc B. Schram of Hazlet, blamed Sammy’s condition on Keith Morgan’s health issues.


Pictures of Sammy

sammy buddy 2


Hi Friends,

Enjoying the calm before the storm. More snow on the way. I’m enjoying the sun and a chance to walk around the yard. To my supporters a request: I’ve been reading the comments posted about the Morgans. The anger at their neglect to care for me is understandable but name calling and bad wishes is not good. I’m cared for and deeply loved now. I’m very happy and safe. Let’s take the high road while also asking for accountability.

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sammy buddy


Sammy rests with his younger brother Buddy who keeps a watchful eye on everyone. Here Sammy and Buddy relax on a Sunday morning.

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Sammy Pics!!

Some pictures of Sammy…clicking on them will take you to their Facebook posts with more info. Enjoy!

sam gib

Gibson and Sammy

2 17 sammy

Beautiful artwork of Sammy from Janet O'Neil

Beautiful artwork of Sammy from Janet O’Neil


Happy Valentine's Day from Sammy

Happy Valentine’s Day from Sammy


2 13 sammy


2 10 sam

Sammy, Gibson and Buddy, and cat brother Luca on Super Bowl Sunday 2014

Sammy, Gibson and Buddy, and cat brother Luca on Super Bowl Sunday 2014


37,000 Sammy Strong!!

37,000 Sammy Strong!!


1 30 sam

Sammy catching some ZZZZs

Sammy catching some ZZZZs



Update On Appeal Hearings via Sammy’s Facebook Page

court updateSammy’s Facebook reports that the judge in the appeal hearings for Keith and Shauna Morgan will change.

Scheduled dates are March 14 for Shauna Morgan, and March 28 for Keith Morgan and it is uncertain whether they will change also.

Please see this post for more information: 

Sammy’s Facebook is also asking for letters to be sent asking the judge to deny their appeals. Letters can be addressed to: Appeals Clerk, Ocean County Superior Court, Room 220, 120 Hooper Ave, Toms River, NJ, 08753.  No email address provided.  The cases will be heard separately but you can reference both Keith and Shauna in one letter.

Please visit Sammy’s Facebook page and “LIKE” to keep up to date with Sammy news, pictures, and more.

Note From Sammy & Painting

Painting by Janet Rombough O'Neil

Painting by Janet Rombough O’Neil

Via  Sammy’s Facebook page:

This year has been a great one for me. I was released from my prison of torment and found a family who loves me. I’m warm, safe, loved, and well fed. Thanks to all my Facebook friends for being my voice and standing up to those who made me suffer.

Thanks to all of you for advocating for me and other abused animals! All of you are making a difference!

Love you all, Sammy

And thanks to Janet Rombough O’Neil who has been inspired to paint so many of these beautiful pictures of me to raise awareness about abused animals. And, so I hear, because she thinks I’m so darn cute. Xo Janet!!!!

Holiday Wishes From Sammy, Patrick and Heaven

Wishing Everyone Happy Holidays and especially to Sammy,, Patrick, Heaven and their forever families.

xmas sammy

Sammy: Photo Courtesy Red Bank Veterinary Hospital

Sammy: Photo Courtesy Red Bank Veterinary Hospital

A VERY SAMMY CHRISTMAS! New pic from Red Bank Veterinary Hospital: Our Sammy stopped in for a check up the other day. We couldn’t resist taking a holiday photo of him to celebrate! Merry Christmas, Sammy. We love you!

sammy winter

Sammy looking very dapper in his winter coat

Heaven in her pretty red sweater surveying the outdoors

Heaven in her pretty red sweater surveying the outdoors



Man accused of torturing ‘Puppy Doe’ ordered held without bail

puppy doe

R.I.P. Puppy Doe

Court Room Video at the link:

December 19, 2013, 2:31 pm

NECN: Dedham, Mass.) – The man accused of torturing the dog that became known as “Puppy Doe” has been ordered held without bail.

Radoslaw Czerkawski, 32, was arraigned on Thursday on 12 counts of animal cruelty.

The judge said Czerkawski is a flight risk.

He will appear again in court on February 11, 2014.

The dog was euthanized after being found near Whitwell Street playground in Quincy, Mass. on August 31. The dog was severely abused and malnourished.

Investigators also say Czerkawski may have stolen about $150,000 from an elderly Quincy woman he was hired to take care of.

Czerkawski is a native of Poland and is in the U.S. illegally.

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