Amy and Martin Visit Sammy!

Sammy’s Facebook page administrators Amy and Martin visited Sammy and shared these precious pictures!

sammy blanket

sammy blanket 2

sammy blanket 3

Martin and Amy with Sammy

Martin and Amy with Sammy

Beautiful post from Amy on their visit with Sammy:

Just wanted to say that Martin and I (Amy) assure everyone that Sammy is in an incredibly loving home. His “dad” is just fantastic: warm, sweet, and so gentle. To see how tenderly he treats Sammy was incredible. Sammy is in an atmosphere of trust, warmth, safety, and love. His dad keeps him well protected!! He is truly a beautiful soul.

We saw Sammy eat and he has a great appetite–he’s a bit heavier than I was expecting as one of the highlights of the visit was holding him. Martin held him too (pics to come). He moves slowly and his dad carries him up and down stairs. We met his awesome brothers, a blind rescue cocker and a younger boy who Sammy likes to follow around. He has a feline brother as well who is very interactive with the family.

Sammy does have difficulty getting around and one of his back legs is “clubbed” due to his legs being matted (fused) together for so long. He is deaf from untreated ear infections. He’s had lots of skin issues. But despite this, Sammy seems truly content and was not in the slightest way afraid or fearful. He is well rested, has lots of comfy places to rest and sleep, and plenty of soft blankets and toys, and beautiful yard in which to play with his awesome brothers. Sammy loves his Dad and they certainly have a special bond.

Anyway just wanted to share that with everyone here on the page since we’ve really all gone through this journey together. It’s gratifying to know that Sammy is living out his twilight years in such a beautiful place with his lovely family.

martin sammy

Martin and Sammy

cute sammy

Brief video of Sammy walking around dining room table 🙂

Amy gives Sammy a kiss ~ so sweet!

Amy gives Sammy a kiss ~ so sweet!

Amy, Martin and Sammy

Amy, Martin and Sammy

Buddy and Sammy

Buddy and Sammy

cute sammy 2

Sammy Update From Capt. Yokum of NJSPCA: Sammy is seventeen years old and now (finally) living the good life. Many thanks to Amy and Martin, great animal advocates and Administrators of Sammy’s Facebook page for sharing these pictures. Sammy is doing great and loving life with his human and animal family. The tremendous abuse that Sammy endured in the past is now a distant memory to him. This is another classic example of an animal’s ability to forgive the human race. Capt

sammy coat

A loving pat to Sammy from Martin

A loving pat to Sammy from Martin

Please be sure to visit and “LIKE” Sammy’s Facebook page and THANK YOU Sammy’s forever family, Amy and Martin for sharing these wonderful pictures!!


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