Appeal Update From Sammy’s Facebook Page

court updateNOTE: The following is a re-post from Sammy’s Facebook page concerning the appeal

Everyone is asking about the appeal and what it means. I (Amy) have asked several sources and here is what I’ve gleaned so far. The Morgans will be filing the appeal in the Superior Court in Toms River, NJ. They have 20 days to file. After that, the judge normally takes 30-45 days to rule on the case. It’s possible that the appeal could be rejected on the spot and the Morgans would be remanded to jail; however that scenario would be unlikely. Martin and I will be in close contact with officials so we can bring you the latest news, let you know if there are any more public hearings, and if there is a way to help this process along whether it be a petition, a letter writing campaign or anything that would help. We promise we WILL not give up on this and will not rest until they are in jail or until we’ve done everything humanly possible to promote rejecting the appeal of Judge LePore’s sentence.

This is a precedent-setting case and we’ve come farther than ever dreamed possible. We’re not going to let it drop now!!!!

Thank you, Amy and Martin!!!!


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