Prosecutor’s Report Asks Brick Municipal Courthouse Judge For Maximum Sentences In Sammy’s Case!


This update from Sammy’s Facebook page:

“Just received word that the prosecutor has turned in his sentencing recommendation to the court and it asks for maximum fines and jail sentences for the Morgans!!!!

Monmouth County SPCA Detective William Hyer, lead detective in Sammy’s case, said Brick Municipal Court Prosecutor Stephen Zabarsky asked for the maximum sentence based on evidence that Sammy was found in a garbage bag, that he was horribly neglected over a long time, that another dog in the home was in decent shape meaning they had the ability to care for Sammy, that there was lack of remorse, and that Mr. Morgan lied to and interfered with law enforcement. The report concludes that both parties should pay the ultimate price both in fines and jail times, $1,000 fine and six months in jail. Detective Hyer said the report is top notch and, at 19 pages, lengthy for a municipal court case.

Now it’s up to the judge to do the right thing and implement this sentence!

At the court hearing on November 18, in Brick Township, evidence will be presented and it’s expected a video will be shown to shore up the case. It was noted in the report that the Ocean County Correctional Facility is equipped to deal with a medical issue of Mr. Morgan’s so that isn’t an impediment to his doing jail time.

Thanks to Detective William Hyer and his partner NJ SPCA Detective Larry Donato, for all their hard work helping ensure Justice for Sammy and for all they do for so many other abused and neglected animals… And THANKS to all Sammy’s friends on this page for keeping their feet to the fire! Your voices were heard! Keep it up.

By the way, while we’re disappointed that the sentence can’t be stiffer, they’re asking for the maximum amount allowed under the law at the time the crime was committed. Know that now in NJ, abuse cases like Sammy’s would incur stiffer penalties thanks in part to the outrage and the demand from friends of Sammy the cocker spaniel and Patrick, two dogs who captured hearts in NJ and around the world.


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