Tweetstorm For Sammy!! August 19th @ 4pmest!!

sammy tweetstorm

Join us on Monday August 19th 2013 at 4pmest on Twitter for a Tweetstorm and help us trend #Justice4Sammy.

More about tweetstorms at the end of this post and sample tweets we’ll be tweeting from 4 – 5pmest.

Sammy was a severely abused and neglected cocker spaniel whose “owners” (Keith and Shauna Morgan) put him in a trash bag and left him on the side of the road. They then fabricated the story of “finding” Sammy in the trash bag and “rescuing” him. Authorities did not believe their story and arrested them on charges of animal cruelty.

Thanks to the tremendous care of Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, Sammy miraculously recovered and now has a wonderful home with his new family. See updates from RBVH here:

On Monday, August 19, 2013,  a second pre-trial conference is scheduled to take place at Brick Township Municipal Court in Brick NJ and we would like to show our support for Sammy by trending #Justice4Sammy.

See Facebook event page for peaceful gathering of Sammys friends on August 19th:

Follow Sammy on Twitter: @Justice4Sammy ~

And please “LIKE” Sammy’s Facebook page along with 25,000 plus of Sammy’s Friends here:

Tweetstorm Notes:

1. Use only one hashtag in your tweet; in our tweetstorm for Sammy we’re using the hashtag: #Justice4Sammy

2. Retweeting does not help trend a hashtag – but you can copy and paste our tweets or make up your own using the hashtag #Justice4Sammy

3. Please start tweeting at the specified time: 4pmest. We’ll be tweeting until 5pmest.

4. We’ll be at the courthouse on Monday for the hearing and will try our best to bring you updates.

5. If we do trend and someone can get a screenshot of #Justice4Sammy in the top trends, please do and tweet it to us @justice4sammy


Sample Tweets We’ll Be Using That You Can Copy & Paste:

Can’t make it to today’s hearing for Sammy?? Show your support by tweeting #Justice4Sammy NOW!!

Show Some Love for Sammy!! RT: #Justice4Sammy

Help us trend #Justice4Sammy This beautiful dog was abused & neglected for years & left in a trash bag!

Pre-trial hearing TODAY for Sammy’s alleged abusers!! Plz RT #Justice4Sammy & show your support for Sammy!!

Sammy’s Facebook page is 25,000+ Sammy Strong!! Plz RT #Justice4Sammy

We’re raising awareness for Sammy – a horribly abused dog – by trending #Justice4Sammy Plz RT!!

Sammy’s Friends are in Brick #NJ to show their support 4 him!! RT #Justice4Sammy

Sammy, an abused cocker spaniel, was left in trash bag on the side of a road! #Justice4Sammy

Sammy is totally deaf after years of serious ear infections that were neglected Plz RT #Justice4Sammy

Picture of Sammy after years of abuse & neglect || #Justice4Sammy

PLZ RT!! Help Us Trend #Justice4Sammy

Thanks to ALL of Sammy‘s Friends for your Support!! Plz RT #Justice4Sammy

** You can also visit: – Scroll down and you will see tweets for Sammy, just click to the right of the tweet “Click Here To Tweet It” ( Thank You @Sham3S ) **

What Is A Tweetstorm?

A tweetstorm is a twitter event where many people post on a topic using a designated hashtag which represents a specific topic at the same time in order to make the hashtag trend.


A hashtag is a word that has this character in front of a word: #


This is basically a way to quickly index a tweet and allows the tweeter to find all the tweets that use this hashtag.  Upon clicking on the hashtag either in the list of trending hashtags or in any tweet you see, will make the tweet display column load all the tweets using this hashtag. At the top of the column of tweets there are three choices. Top Tweets, All Tweets and Follower’s tweets.


A trending hashtag appears on the list of trending hashtags that appears on the left side of the screen. When a hashtag trends it means that very many people are tweeting the same hashtag. It does NOT include any retweets!

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